The Making of TLB Skin Care





Skin Care is coming, yall. 

We’re bawsing all the way up in 2023. Big moves only. We just announced we’re expanding into skincare. Surprise!! There’s even more ways to wear TLB. We have been WORKING, yall. And expanding in a whole new direction. This project was a huge undertaking for our team. It’s not easy to expand into a whole new category, but we decided to put our heads down and work to bring this product line to life for y’all. Get ready to go on a trip to your best skin yet. 

Two Years in the Making

When we say “take a trip,” we aren’t kidding, ya’ll. This has legit been a journey, and not an easy one at that.  We initially planned to launch skincare last year, but the team decided to push it back because it didn’t live up to our standards. It had to be something we were proud of. We wanted to create a gentle and effective skincare routine that people can fall in love with. After many months of trial and error, we finally have a full and effective routine.

Product Development 

2 years in the making. TLB skin care was made with love and intention. Developed by product development managers Kori Fields, and Demille Michelle with the help of Melissa. For months we tried different formulations, products, and packaging in order to create the perfect product. And y’all the products landed in our warehouse last week. Want to get your hands on it? Our  Total Meltdown Cleansing Balm, Clean Up Cleanser, SnapBack Toner, and Dew Me Moisturizer all launch next year 2022. Get ready!!

Hear from our PD team in their own words:

What was the product development process like to bring skincare to life?

"The development of TLB Skincare was very unique and a new frontier for the PD team.  The world of skincare is a completely different beast than color cosmetics. So we had to do extensive testing and focusing grouping, to make sure our products were perfect for our customers."

How long was the product development process for skincare?

"About 18 months." 

What challenges did the team encounter when developing skincare?

"THERE WERE MANY CHALLENGES! lol. We had to align on so many things for the TLB Skincare. The products we want to launch with, which ingredients were important to us, the color of the packaging, copy, artwork, everything! Customers should know that every single element of this line was thoughtfully designed and developed." 

What are some key highlights of the skincare line?

"Working with new never before used ingredients is always a highlight, mushroom extracts and Vitamin C play a big role in this line. We love bringing our customers new innovations even with ingredients!"

Why did we choose mushrooms as the hero ingredient?

"Mushrooms play a vital part in our natural environment and have a wealth of benefits. We always want to include things that come from the Earth and are great for the body. And we want to also include ingredients that will set us apart from the pack." 

Share an advantage of trying skincare from a makeup brand

"TLB Skincare is safe and clean to use for ALL skin types. If you are new to skincare or have been intimated to find a routine of your own, this line was made with you in mind. Just like our products, we eliminate the guesswork for you and remove the extra fluff and provide you with the best pairing of products that will prep and remove your makeup." 

Anything additional you think people should know?

"I am most excited about our remover balm and Skin Serum Toner!  They are game-changers, also everything smells so good! lol." 




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