Mel’s Nighttime Skincare Routine


Melissa Butler with clean up applied on his face


You might read the title and think I’m trolling you. I’m not. Y’all.
I genuinely hate washing my face at the end of the night with a face full of makeup. Especially if I’ve had one or more glasses of wine. Like how did my arms get so heavy??? As soon as I walk into the house, my body craves my bed like it never has. But those white sheets and your pores give you the, "You Bet Not" look. So I wash it. And I used to use coconut oil to remove my makeup but it was just so damn messy and I would ALWAYS stain whatever I had on. But I still did it and in the morning, I was always happier for it. But that initial moment is a drag.

Like why did it have to be so messy??? My product development team heard me complaining about this and said: “say less.” They developed our Total Meltdown (because that's what I was basically having lol) Makeup Remover balm. What does it mean to be a balm? It’s never liquid, but once it touches your skin, it just melts and removes your makeup. Oh, and it has the nerve to smell delicious (the Clean Up Gentle Gel cleanser does too).

If you’ve never used a balm there are two ways to do it.

There’s the way most people do it: take a nickel-sized amount, rub it into your fingers, and then on your face in circular motions. Lastly, wipe off with a towel or wipe or just something you want to use.

Then there’s the Melissa way. lol. I am always doing things differently. I rub it into my face like mentioned, but then, instead of using something to wipe it off, I basically put my face into the sink and rub it off with the running water. This way, I get the satisfaction of seeing it all removed, AND BIG BONUS, I don’t create extra laundry.

In both scenarios, you follow with our Clean Up cleanser. Once you have done this, you have officially DOUBLE-CLEANSED. People have been talking about this effective method of makeup removal and skin protection for years and I am so proud that we have introduced a gentle skincare system that helps you take your makeup off and then helps you prep for putting it back on with our Snap Back 2n1 Toner + Serum and our lightweight Dew Me moisturizer. Don’t you just love the names? Listen, Snap Back has the Holy Grail Hyaluronic Acid, which is also spotted in our Tinted Moisturizer and it is KNOWN to bring moisture back into your skin. This kit is perfect for those who want to have a simple but effective routine. Try it out and let me know what you think. But also, tell me what you HATE about washing your face. lol. I’m all ears.

XX, Melissa


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