If not close to a mirror, be sure to assign a designated lipstick-watcher. Otherwise, accidents could happen.
Never ever leave home without it.
When eating, be sure to re-apply lipstick immediately after. A face without lipstick is no face at all.
No chapped lips. EVER.
Never do-up the eyes and the lips at the same time. Bright lips and natural makeup are the best of friends.
Never get lipstick on your teeth. That’s reserved for the Grannies.
Don’t apply and drive. It could be dangerous.
Never deny someone where you got your lipstick. Share the beauty!
Alternatively, never share your lipstick. Your friends are trashier than they let on.
Never be afraid of color. Beauty is art and your face is your canvas.
When in doubt, reapply. A little moisture never hurt anybody.