Last-Minute Vacay? Here's 5 Travel Tips!

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Extending your Glown Girl Summer? We've got you covered with a few clutch travel tips.

1. Browse incognito. 

How you search for your next getaway matters. Because your browser automatically keeps tabs on your activity, surfing the web in "incognito mode" vs. regular mode can easily save you hundreds. 

2. Have a strategy when booking.

If you're heading someplace far and need to hop on a plane, stay flexible when it comes to selecting dates and times. Sunday-Tuesday flights (plus those departing in the morning) are often cheaper!

3. Save room in your luggage with Fresh Glow.

Our bronzer + blush compacts are perfect to free up some space in your bags Babe! They come equipped with a built-in mirror and brush, so that glowing on-the-go is easier than ever.

4. Schedule your rides ahead of time.

Don't wait around for your ride-share longer than you have to! Most services allow you to book days in advance, so that you can get where you to be faster. 

5. Ask the locals!

Wherever you go, don't be afraid to bypass super tourist-y hotspots and consult the residents of your destination for less expensive, yet equally fun things to see/do.

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