Self-Love 101: Learning To Let Go



The Lip Bar Brianna Arps Self-Love

Brianna A., The Lip Bar Content Marketing Manager, wears shades "Bombshell" and "Straight Face."

It took umpteen years for me to believe that having naturally full lips is pretty dope. Growing up, the neighborhood kids were was just another sport to them, except unlike basketball, soccer or any other game we used to play, the crap never ended. And I never won.

My self-esteem? Shot. I hated looking in the mirror, felt defeated whenever someone would stare and couldn't for the life of me grasp WHY God had to make me this way.

The Lip Bar Brianna Arps Self-Love

I'll never forget the day I ran home to my mom and asked her why people picked on me. That evening, after being teased yet again, I begged her to take away the pain of being different. I even went to the extreme of asking for lip reduction surgery so that I could finally look — or at least feel — normal. Of course, she told me no...I was just 7 or 8-years-old at the time. But she did continue telling me for years and years that I'm beautiful and that God doesn't make mistakes.  

Fast forward to now, and NO ONE CAN TELL ME A DAMN THING. You hear me?! Besides being the proud owner of over 100+ lippies, I'm known to keep one — especially from The Lip Bar — cocked and ready in my purse as a reminder I'm that chick. No fillers needed. 

The Lip Bar Brianna Arps Self-Love

Like so many others who think the same, I'm a firm believer that self-love is a journey and not a destination. It's not something you wake up and proclaim that you've found; it takes lots of patience and practice — both of which I'm learning in my adulthood. I still have tough times, yes, especially given that social media and society at large constantly pushes the idea of perfection onto folks. But, overall, I'm much happy with the progress I've made. My lips (along with every other thing a stranger has deemed a flaw of mine) are AMAZING. And I'm proud of myself that I've reached a point to let hurtful things go and start living abundantly free in the woman I'm becoming.

I hope that everyone finds it within themselves to do the same.


I’m right there with you sis!!! Having full lips was a shame for me growing up. Especially in an Asian country. But here I am almost 30 and can’t nobody tell me nothing. I embrace it and wear my colors bold and bright.


You are absolutely beautiful! I was picked on for being tall my whole life. I’m 6’0, and I’ve always owned it but as a child it did hurt being called names. As an adult you can’t tell me nothing, I’ll walk in anywhere and my presence alone will have your attention and I love me a heel btw!! Keep doing you!!

Latasha Betts

I, too was called many names like, Big Lips, Bubble Lips, etc. growing up. Now, look! People are paying to have lips like my lips! #nofillers, #beautiful-lips.


Thank you for sharing this! Your lips look absolutely amazing in this color and you’re beautiful. I also suffered from terrible self esteem issues while growing up and still struggle with some of them today. No one knows what I think or feel about my body and my imperfections and it can be a struggle mentally for me at times but I’m learning to say “ this is me, take it or leave it” and to be ok with all of it and myself. Thank you again and I’ll be ordering this lippie combo.


Kids can be so cruel but having parents and encouraging people to support through those years is a real blessing. Beauty is definitely subjective: all things can be beautiful and nothing. Social media is projection only not everyone’s true reality



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