New year; New You: TLB’s guide to showing up for yourself in 2020



It's about to be a whole lot of "who she think she is" in 2020. We’re elevating our lives in this new year, okay!? We’re cutting bad ties, prioritizing ourselves and positioning ourselves for the future. We're really in a WHOLE NEW DECADE and we’ve got some goals to crush! If some things were left on the table from last year, 2020 is the perfect time to re-center, reevaluate, and get your life together babe! When entering this new decade, the key is to prepare. So, we’re gonna get you together with TLB’s five tips for conquering this new year!

Reevaluate Your Why 

Take some time to journal about your “why.” Sometimes life happens fast, and we forget this. Think about your true purpose and “why” you truly do what you do. 

Create a List of Goals You’re Hoping to Accomplish in The New Decade

It’s time to seriously think about your 2020 goals. You already know, you’ve got to come way harder than years before. Think about what you want to expand further, or pursue. Write down every desire of your heart, even if it seems a little crazy. It’s your bawse lady year, so get a little crazy with those goals! Over on our Insta, we created goal templates (located in our New Year story highlight.) Screenshot the template, write your goals down and tag us for a repost! We all gotta keep each other accountable! 

For Every Goal You listed, Create an Action Plan

After you have your list of completed goals, try to think about all the smaller goals it takes to get there. For each small goal, set a time limit for yourself. Create a plan with dates, to allow yourself to see the bigger picture. This allows even the craziest of goals to feel real and attainable. This is about to be your most iconic year, and you got this!


Declutter and Become More of a Minimalist 

Start your year off right and finally get your space together. Create the vibes you’ve always been wanting in your office, bedroom, or common space. Start by decluttering little by little because you really don’t need all that stuff, girl! Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess it’s time to decorate, paint, and get a few plants in your space.

Reclaim your time 

Find what works for you as far as time management. It may be limiting distractions, learning to delegate smaller tasks, or optimizing your to-do list. Create a list of what works as far as your productivity, and what doesn’t work. Then decide what you need to implement for maximum productivity. Oh, and as far as your beauty routine, Fast Face gives you a bomb beat in under 10 minutes. The days of running late because of your beauty routine are over! 

With these tips, we hope you lean into your goals and get all the way together! To hold yourself accountable, share how you are showing up for yourself by tagging us over on our Instagram using the hashtag #TLBNEWYEAR


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