Moisturizing Lip Products For Everyone In Your Life



This winter we’re going where the moisture resides, and we can’t think of anything more moisturizing and hydrating than a few of our stand out lip products. Our Lip Care Kit, glosses, and lipsticks all feature great ingredient for softer lips.  Gone are the days of dry, cracked lips. Our Lip products have you covered.

At TLB,  believe great lip products are for everyone! We have something for everyone (even your husband or teenage daughter.) 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite winter-friendly products for everyone in your life. 




Lip Care- Your Significant Other 

Lip care can be for any and everyone! The duo includes a lip scrub and lip serum for extreme hydration. We’re recommending this duo for your significant other. Finally, they can stop stealing your chapsticks. They’ll love the duo on days they’re struggling with chapped and cracked lips. 


Trophy Wife- Your Preteen Daughter

This non-sticky, ultra-clear gloss is perfect for younger girls who haven’t quite dived into the makeup scene yet. It’s pigment free, but still allows them to get a little shine. Moms can even purchase two to have a matching moment with their little ones. 


Baby Bellini- Your BFF 

For your friend who’s been texting the group chat about finding a perfect winter nude- this is for her! Baby Bellini is a nude lippie that look bomb on just about everyone. Aside from the color, it’s also extremely hydrating. It goes on like a balm and keeps your lips feeling buttery soft for hours. 


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