Looking Good Runs in the Family



Holiday shopping for your family doesn’t have to be stressful. From cousins to in-laws, TLB has the perfect present for all your female relatives, even the hard-to-buy-for ones. 


Your Little Cousin

She’s always rummaging through your makeup, so give her some glam that’s all her own. Our Shimmer Balm Holiday Collection is perfect for your little cousin who loves sparkles but isn’t quite ready for the full shebang. 

Your Bougie Sister

She’s extra, but she owns it—and owns it well. Give your sis our Gloss + Glow Set so she can always have a lip gloss to match her mood and her outfit. All five shimmery glosses will make her lips pop and give her a perfectly glossed pout. 

Your Mother-in-Law

She’s hard to buy for and oftentimes hard to please, but we promise she’ll love our Merry + Matte Set. With five of our best-selling red liquid lipsticks all packaged together, how could anyone not love this set? Your mother-in-law will look glam in any of these shades (even if she’s giving you shade). 

Your Fave Auntie

She’s always on-the-go and getting things done left and right. Give your busy auntie our Easy Glow Kit, so she can look put together in five minutes or less (yes, really). Because she doesn’t have time for anything more. Plus, it’ll give her skin an enviable glow that she’ll have you to thank for.

That’s right, your family gift exchange just got a lot more glam this year. But don’t forget to treat yourself with something special too 😉.


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