Big Timer

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Lashes look like a full face of makeup. There have been so many occasions where I’ve had on lashes and lip gloss and people told me my makeup is pretty. So, I am the first to admit - I really love lashes. BUT. And there is a big BUT. Big Booty Judy style. While I love the way lashes make me look. I HATE THE WAY THEY MAKE MY EYES BURN. You would think I poured alcohol into them. Every time I shower, I get a crazy stinging sensation.

I also dislike laying down for so long to get them done. I love my lash tech, she’s my friend and we have juicy convos. But I rarely have 90-120 minutes to spare to get the look.

For those reasons and many more, like not wanting to brush them, I end up looking with crazy eyes. I sought to create a mascara so bomb that it looks like lashes! In walks: Big Timer. This new mascara gives you Big Time Volume and Length. It's jet black in color and doesn’t crumble as the day goes on. The best part - it does not irritate my eyes!!

I’m so proud of this product. It gives me great length and gives me that same full face look with just the stroke of the brush and a lil lip gloss.

The thing that makes Big Timer such a Big Deal is the brush. Everyone knows that the formula can be great, but you’re only as great as the brush (and if you didn’t know, you heard it here first). The brush is dual-sided, one side for lifting and the other side for length and volume. I mean, just look at these REAL results.

Big Timmer Applied Eye

And I emphasize "real" because most photos you see of mascara are lies, all lies I tell you! Those photos normally have a lash strip on top. But, let me tell you something. This Big Timer understands the assignment and is just waiting for you to give her a go.

If you read all this, you’re the bomb! And I cannot wait to see you in your new fav mascara! Tag us @thelipbar

XX, Melissa


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