Gifts for All Your Girls



Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further. Secret Santas? Check. Holiday work parties? Check. TLB has something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Check out these gift recommendations for fab women that we all have on our lists. 


Treat Your Work Wife

Give your work wife the gift of an easy beauty routine with our Easy Beauty Bundle. She’ll thank you when it only takes her five minutes to look glam before her early morning video calls. Plus, it all comes in a cute bag, just add a bow and you’re good to go. 

Surprise Your Bestie

Your best friend can 👏get👏 it👏. Day after day you watch her hustle and live her best life. She deserves a bold lipstick that’s as amazing as she is. Wrap up Bawse Lady Liquid Lipstick, the perfect shade to show the world just how bawse she is inside and out. 

Gift Your Roomie

For your roommate can be a lot at times, give her a lip gloss will make her lips pop. Sure, she’s extra but you love her all the same. The fact that this shimmery brown gloss is named Extra is just a fun coincidence 😉.

See? We weren’t lying when we said TLB has something for everyone. While you’re at it, make sure to get a little something for yourself. After all, you’ve got to look good while gifting all these fab holiday presents. 


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