TLB Holiday Gift Guide for Every Kind of Relative



We all know how the holidays go. Things get hectic, but It's the one time of year when the whole fams together (even though they crazy!) You might have to dodge questions from your nosy mother-in-law, get a million questions about your career, but at least you get to act up with your cousins. Everybody seems to have that aunt who's always drunk and a super bougie cousin.  So here at The Lip Bar, we created a whole gift guide that perfectly describes every kind of family member. 


 Your Baby Sister

The Lip Bar Littles Collection- 100% Natural, 100% cute

Lip Bar Littles is exactly what every baby of the family needs. The one who's super cute and loved by everyone. Gets showered with gifts for absolutely no reason.  And the star of the kid's table and who always eats first. 

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The Shady Grandma

Conceited Lip Stick

Slightly throws shade at everyone, but bakes a mean sweet potato pie. Dressed to the nine always. Has one favorite grandchild that can never do any wrong. 

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 Your Other grandma (because she can't be left out)

First Lady Lip Gloss

The true matriarch of the family, and loves the lord. Baked the mac and cheese and pound cake. Super sweet and loved by everyone. 

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 Bougie Cousin That's Always Traveling

Fast Face Kit 

Just came back from a business trip in Europe. Brings all the souvenirs. Vegan and only eats the sides at dinner. Loves supporting black-owned brands like The Lip Bar.

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The Lit Aunt

Haute Mess Liquid Matte

Always has a cup full of tequila. Probably hungover from the night before. The first to start the living room Soul Train Line.

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The ungrateful mom who complains about every possible gift

Hot Mama Liquid Matte

Slaved over the stove all day. She just wants to truly feel appreciated and acknowledged for all her hard work. Still got it, and wants everyone to know.

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Your nosy mother-in-law

Know it all Liquid Matte

Extremely overbearing and can’t help but give you advice you didn't ask for. Loves her son and wants better for him, but secretly loves you. 

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The gossiping cousin

Drama queen Liquid Matte

Your go-to girl when it comes to all the tea. Stirs up all the family drama, and then quietly watches it unfold.

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Your best friend whose house you escape to after dealing with your family

Curlfriend Liquid Matte

Your ride or die who always knows how to brighten your mood. Has the wine glass ready and always down to listen to you vent.

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