Important Announcement: Why We Decided To Discontinue Our Skin Serum Foundation



At TLB, being real and transparent is everything to us. In every instance, from marketing to operations and product development. Honesty and relatability is one of our superpowers. We know our customer, because we are our customer. Listening  and meeting your needs is at the core of everything we do.

Recently on our Instagram page, we announced that we are discontinuing our Skin Serum Foundation and our Fast Face Kit.

 Our Skin Serum Foundation was our 2nd complexion product ever that we launched at TLB. It was a huge moment for us, and the highlight product of our Fast Face makeup kit. 

After hearing some  feedback from you (our customer) and after a lot of thought,  we decided to discontinue the foundation to make it even better from formula to the component. After seeing the wild success of our Just A Tint 3 in 1 Tinted Skin Conditioner (our #2 bestselling product), we wanted to make our Skin Serum Foundation just as great too.

As the result of our foundation discontinuing, our original Fast Face Kit  will also discontinue. But this week, we launched our new Easy Beauty Bundle. Similar to Fast Face, the Easy Beauty Bundle is designed for you to get an easy, soft glam makeup look in just 5 minutes. It includes our best selling Tinted Moisturizer, our 4 n 1 Minute Face Palette, Exact Arch Micro Brow Pencil, Quick Conceal Caffeine Concealer, and choice of a lip gloss. 

We are super excited about this new bundle. We know how much y’all love our Tinted Moisturizer, so we know you’ll love this new bundle. If you love your Fast Face Kit, this is a great alternative. Comment below if you’re excited to try our Easy Beauty Bundle soon! It’s available now to shop here


Foundation and Fast Face Kits will officially be discontinued Saturday, July 31st at midnight. 



What we’re excited about:

  • Being transparent and bringing you along for the ride! 
  • Learning from our initial product launch and our first year and half of feedback to improve the experience from the formula to the packaging
  • Rounding out our goals for being inclusive, expanding our shade ranges and undertones
  • Improving the pay-off and coverage of our Skin Serum Foundation so that it truly has a great payoff. 


  • When will the foundation come back in stock?
  • As soon as we get the best product to market, we will share. We are already working on our next one!

  • How long do I have to purchase the current foundation?
  • Just over two weeks.
  • How will the next Skin Serum Foundation be better?
  •  Stay tuned! We are looking to improve the entire experience. This will be good!


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