3  ways to turn your Fast Face into a bomb Holiday Look



Tis' the season of being festive AF (and unapologetically extra.) It's been a long year and it's officially time to celebrate! Pull out that poppin' holiday outfit, and make the time to spend with your loved ones to celebrate the season.  We also know you've got a ton of events and holiday parties to attend soon, babe! So cheers to toasting champagne and slaying with our work wives. And let's not forget all the secret Santa gift exchanges, indulging in way too many Hors D'Oevres, and snagging that Christmas bonus!

Often sometimes holiday parties are scheduled directly after work, so here are 3 ways to turn your everyday Fast Face into the ultimate holiday party slay in under 10 minutes.


Golden Glow

Eyes: Start first, by touching up your brows with our  2-in-1 brow pencil +gel. And then apply our, Everything, metallic gold lipstick to your eyelids. Next, apply our straight outta patience eyeliner to your water line and upper lid to add some drama!

Face: Start by touching up your face with the Fast Face Skin Serum Foundation. Then, apply your Fresh Glow highlighting blush to the hallows of your cheeks. Next, take your highlighter in the minute finish palette and layer it right above the blush. And if you're down to intensify the look, apply "Everything" lipstick directly on top of highlight for some extra shimmer. 

Lips: Outline your lips using Straight Living Lip Liner, and apply your Everything, metallic gold lippie in the center, then blend both together to shine bright this holiday season.


Classic Glam

Eyes: Touch up your brows with the 2-in-1 brow pencil. Apply highlight from the minute finish palette below the brow bone. Take contour shade from the palette and apply to the crease. Then take the bronzer color from  Fresh Glow in shade Girl's Night to the eyelid. And blend, blend, blend, babe!! 

Face: Lightly touch up your face with our skin serum foundation, and apply Shopping Spree blush from Fresh Glow duo (shade Just Got Paid) along the apples of your cheek. Then, using your  4-in-1 minute finish palette, layer the highlight right above the blush. 

Lips: Have a Hot Girl Holiday with this bold lip look! Apply Hot Mama to your entire lip, pop Haute Mess in the center and bring everything together by outlining your pout with Straight Talk Lip Liner. 

Sultry Fire

Eyes:  To get a bomb but subtle smoky eye look, Take the contour shade from your minute finish palette to the crease of your eye and apply your Everything metallic lipstick to your lid. Line your waterline with your straight grindin' eyeliner. 

Face: Start by touching up your face with our skin serum foundation. Then grab your minute finish, 4-in-1 palette and apply contour shade along the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and temples. Next, grab take the blush from the palette and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Don't be afraid to layer it, babe, because there's no such thing as too much blush. 

Lips: Meet us under the fireplace this season by recreating this sexy lip look. Apply your sizzling Conceited metallic lip, and seal the deal by lining your lip using our Straight Up lip liner. 


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