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So what does a CEO do during quarantine? Many of us have been in quarantine for almost two months now, and life as we know it has definitely changed and shifted dramatically. Over at The Lip Bar, our entire team is working from home, remaining safe, and also still hustling. And of course, our CEO Melissa is no exception. So we wanted to give you all a glimpse of how Melissa's been handling this quarantine. She scheduled some time for us in her calendar and sat down to talk about how she's using quarantine for self-care, optimization, and more. 


How does a CEO spend quarantine?

Thinking!!! I've honestly been strategizing on how to be the very best version of myself and creating the very best version of The Lip Bar. The one thing every CEO must understand is you CANNOT rest on yesterday's wins. You made your revenue goal in Q1 - cool story bro. But what about now? So I mostly spend my time just trying to get better. My time is spent 90% optimizing and 10% on telling myself to slow down - that it's ok to take a break. Also, I've been going outside in nature as often as possible. Driving. Hiking when and where I can. Running at any park I can find that's open. Appreciating the trees. 

What's one thing that's has been thriving and another that's been struggling during this time?

 My mental health has been absolutely thriving since quarantine. I'm in a state of bliss. This doesn't mean I don't have problems. Everyone does. But I've been able to see challenges as just that. A hurdle, a temporary pain point that I will either solve or learn to accommodate. Like people keep saying they can't wait for things to go back to normal. I'm fully aware and accepting of the fact that things won't ever go back to how it was. That's simply not how life works. Everything you change also changes you.  I've gotten to this place of peace by just being honest and letting go of the need to control things I cannot. 

 On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've been struggling with eating. I was doing so well. Great even! Didn't have a single carb for 2 weeks and then boom! It seems like I've had an only carb diet now. Eating every 20 minutes for no damn reason. I'm gonna get back to a healthy place though. Because I love myself more than I love my mindless eating. 

What are a couple of songs that have been on your playlist during this time? 

I have been completely obsessing over Lauryn Hill's Unplugged album from 2002.  Specifically, "I gotta find peace of mind" Other songs I've been listening to are Victoria Money + Ariana Grande "Monopoly." and then I always have a mixture of Jay Z, Kendrick, Stevie Wonder, Sade and Anita Baker in rotation. 

Where can we catch you during quarantine outside of Instagram? 

Lol, I've been saying NO to a lot of things. We've been in quarantine for a month and I've literally only been on social media for less than a week. I felt like this was the perfect time to just take a break!  But I'm excited because The Lip Bar will be hosting our very own Lipstick Con to talk about all things beauty, self-care, and womanhood. 



Heard about your product on “She Did That” Purchased two colors! I’m a new fan. Usually buy MAC metallics and Matte. Will check out Target here in HILTON HEAD, SC. Later of course🎶🍷

Tena, Wine Diva

I think this is STAYING IN PLACE is the perfect time to eat, relax and free your mind from everything and not being in control is wonderful! release, prayer and connect with yourself.
Fabulous you are .


Doreen Hunter

Hey Soror Melissa, where did you get the red “That Bitch” shirt that you are wearing in your blog post. I love it!!!



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