5 Things You Must Do When Working Remotely this Week





Tik Tok Cardio 

Take advantage of your extra time at home, and burn off those calories, girl. It's so easy when working from home to just eat, lay on the couch and stay in bed. One easy way to get active is to grab your phone and learn some new Tik Tok dances. It's not just for the kids, it's great for staying active and keeping that heart rate up. Now's the time to master the Renegade, the #Outwestchallenge, or the #savagechallenge. 

And if dancing really ain't your thing, download TikTok just for the laughs. Oh, and be sure to follow your fave beauty brand

 Get Cute 

Working in your pajamas sounds real cute, but honestly, when you look your best, you work your best. So, still get cute at least a couple of days out of the week. It doesn't have to take long either. Maybe do some quick skincare, apply your 7-min Fast Face kit, and then throw on a cute sweater or top. Simple!

Take well-needed breaks

It's so easy to get all wrapped up in work when you are working from home. But it's best to have a mindset that you would have with any other office job. Take that lunch break and 10-15 minute breaks for your mind and to set boundaries of when you are going to end your workday. 

Catch up on some podcast and Netflix shows 

When you have extra time, catch up on some of your favorite  Netflix shows and podcasts. We all have a running list in our head of shows or podcasts we plan on watching or listening to, so now's your chance.  You can even look through categories you normally don't go for, and listen to or watch something new. Use this time to indulge in content that keeps you inspired. 


Here are a few of our recommendations: 


She Did That

Love Is Blind 

Someone Great 


Fall Girls



Therapy for Black Girls

The Secret Sauce to Success 

Yes, Girl! Podcast 

The Clever Girls Know Podcast 

Black Girl in Om 


Join some FB groups

The Rona might have stopped your brunch dates with the girls but it can't stop a little social networking. Now is the perfect time to get social on Facebook in the midst of all this social distancing. Facebook groups are great for building community with like-minded individuals. Whether that's people who love the same brands or people who are in the same career field. It's just great to take your mind away from everything that's going on, and stay in the loop with humanity. For starter, join the TLB Facebook community where we share sneak peeks, tips and tricks.  


For more things social, follow us on Instagram for some beauty content and the occasional WFH meme. Oh, and don't forget to tag us in those living room looks when you decide to get cute! 


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