It's safe to say 2019 was the year of The Lip Bar. We came hard and gave THE MOST LAUNCHES EVER! Ya'll weren't even ready!  We launched a whole flagship store, a game-changing Fast Face system, bomb-ass lip liners, and so much more. We're so grateful for all the love and support our babes have shown us throughout this year. But guess what!? It's still only the beginning for us and we're shaking more shit up in 2020, but until then, let's take a look back at everything we did in 2019. Cause we really did that!

We found our perfect nudes

We launched a campaign that proved there's a nude for EVERYONE. We felt the struggle and know there's never just one perfect nude. We included 16 nude shades and created a quiz to help everyone find their perfect match. 

We launched our very first flagship store

We opened up our very first flagship store in February and the love we have received is unreal! It's become a must-have Detroit destination and so many of you have traveled from all over to witness all its glory!

These Cities showed the most love

 Ya'll are the realist! 

We paid homage to a few black women during Black History Month

Our Black History Month campaign is one of our favorite campaigns to date. Harriette Tubman, Angela Davis, and Rosa Parks all paved the way, so to honor these three women was an honor itself. 

These Countries ordered the most

 Lip Bar love all over the world!

We launched Minimalist and took it all the way back 

Our Minimalist gloss instantly gave us so many 90's feels, so we already knew we had to take it way, way back. Slicked edges, clear gloss, and big-ass hoops... you know the vibes.

We sold hella lippies

Like, A LOT!

OPRAH said we had one of the best long-lasting lipsticks

Oprah basically made our whole lives and said we had one of the best liquid mattes in the game. 

Our babes showed all the way out

The support is unreal! Thank you so much babes!

We launched our spiciest shade yet-- Hot Mama

Hot Mama was easily one of our best campaign launches of 2019. And we couldn't dare launch a shade named Hot Mama without honoring a few gorgeous and hardworking mamas. 

Ya'll loved these products the most 

This list is just too good!

And these too...

Our new launches that everyone couldn't get enough of!

We finally launched lip liners 

For year's we got asked, "when will you launch lip liners?" And this year we finally launched some of the best liners in the game. Infused with jojoba oil, super smooth, and smudge-proof!

These babes tagged us the most!

There's nothing we love more than seeing our babes tag us in their Lip Bar looks. These babes support so hard. 

We got a little glown up and launched our first non-lip product

Our first product outside of lip! Fresh Glow was honestly the highlight of the summer and still continues to have everyone looking glown AF. And the support we received was insane. I mean, THE Jackie Aina has said she loves Fresh Glow on multiple occasions.  What other review do you need!?

We changed the game and created makeup for people with shit to do

By far, one of our proudest moments! We launched a whole makeup system. Fast Face was a labor of love and we desperately wanted to change the state of the beauty industry. Makeup had gotten so complicated, and we're so glad we launched a system that changed that. Still unreal when we see everyone in their full face of The Lip Bar. Thank you so much for the love babes. On to 2020!


I just made my purchase and looking forward to my very own lippies and gloss. As for you speaking your truth, your way, gurl Yassss!!!! Don’t censor your joy or expression. I will share your link with my Mom, sisters, daughters, and friends.

Sabrina Hoyle-Brown

The newsletter is wonderful, and represent us black women so beautifully, boldly and powerfully.

Thank you.

Sierra Donaven

Thanks for all the products that enhance my beauty❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for the products that enhance my beauty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Natasha Sweat

Amazing year much Congrats 🍾👍🏾🤗



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