Our Top 8 Moments of our Lip Bar History



We have been in the beauty game for 8 years! We've had high and lows, but we kept shining through it all and it's still only the beginning. So to celebrate our 8th birthday, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite moments we've had to date. Let's go!

Moment #1: Lip Bar Truck

We're starting it off with a major throwback. Years before we opened up our Detroit retail space, we had The Lip Bar Truck.  In 2014, we had a goal of getting our products in the hands of customers around the country. We wanted our people to be able to experience the brand and fall in love with our products. So we revamped a party bus and built out an entire Lip Bar experience. Our CEO, drove the truck herself from City to City and across the country to share our bomb products with the world.

Moment #2: Opening our first flagship store, The Lip Bar Detroit


The Lip Bar was started in NYC, but grown in the D! Melissa wanted The Lip Bar to be apart of the city's rebirth, so she built our headquarters and distribution center in the city. But in 2018, that wasn't enough. It was time for our first retail store! In February 2019, we finally opened our doors in Downtown Detroit. It has since become one of the cities most popular tourist attractions. Our babes come in, have some wine, and get an unforgettable makeup experience. If you're ever in the D, you have to stop by!

 Moment #3: New Voices Fund Investment

 A huge moment for us was getting selected to be apart of the New Voices Fund in 2018. This is an opportunity that has allowed us to do so many amazing things,  we are forever grateful. 

Moment #4: Launched In Target Stores across the country


We went from just 45 stores to now being in over 450! And we just expanded from three shelves to five. Our experience in Target has been phenomenal. We are so honored to work with a retail partner who really sees value in bringing product offerings from a diverse set of brands. They are committed to highlighting the stories of black founders and while giving them the opportunity to put their products in front of consumers. We are so grateful, and even more grateful for including us in their campaigns such as our latest Black History Month box collab. Shop it here

Moment #5: Bawse Lady became the country's fave red 

We have to show love to our #1 bestseller, Bawse Lady that everyone loves so much. For the past two year's this color has remained our top seller, and we can't blame them because it looks bomb on EVERY COMPLEXION. She's bold with blue undertones and a liquid matte finish that lasts literally all day. 


Moment #6 Launched our Fast Face system

We shook things up last year and proved to the world we were so much more than lips. And we launched our revolutionary Fast Face makeup system! We saw how complicated the beauty industry had gotten, so we knew we had to shake things up and take the guesswork out of beauty and make it EASY. We've heard from so many busy moms, bosses, and makeup beginners that this system has changed their life, and we are so glad to be changing the beauty industry with every kit. 

Moment #7: Introduced our first celebrity collaboration with Justine Skye 

We kicked off 2020 by announcing our first celebrity collection with the beautiful, @justineskye. The Island Gyal Collection is a collab that represents freedom and creativity and we were so proud to be able to work with Justine, who is the epitome of Black Girl Magic. From the colors to the names, to the packaging... we created it to be a reflection of Justine and her beautiful Jamaican roots. And we want everyone who wears it to feel empowered enough to just be their true selves. 

 Moment #8: We expanded into eyes!!! 

 8 years later and we've gone from offering just your staple lip products to then introducing the revolutionary makeup system,  Fast Face. And now we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Target to introduce the new members of the Fast Face family, The Lip Bar Quick Lid One Swipe Liquid EyeShadow and Quick Lid Easy 4-in-1 Shadow Palette. These eye moments not only making creating eye looks easy but the on-the-go convenience of the palettes is truly makeup for people with sh*t to do!


We have had so many incredible moments in our 8-year span, and we just want to truly thank our babes for being supportive through every step of the way. We are forever grateful. 




I have extremely oily skin, and mostly what I’ve seen seem to shine. Do you have foundation for oily skin?

Charline Robinson Gooden

Congratulations on all of your achievements!



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