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Our spending power matters. Shopping Black matters. Shopping Brown matters. So let's continue to find ways to always support the brands who truly care. 

Most of you know we launched in Target Stores in 2018 as one of their first Black Owned Indie Beauty brands to grace the shelves. And since our launch, we've expanded from 45 stores to over 450. We have loved partnering with a company that truly sees value in bringing product offerings from a diverse set of brands.

Not only can you find our brand in Target's beauty aisle, but Target also carries a selection of Black and Brown Owned brands you probably didn't even know about. Everything from personal care, hair care, and beauty. 

If you're looking for a list of what brands you should be supporting in Target, here are 14 brands you can shop right now. Thank us later! 

Personal Care

Bolden USA

Honey Pot

Black Girl Sunscreen



Camille Rose Naturals 

 Botanika Beauty


 Honey Baby Naturals

Mielle Organics

Alikay Naturals

Rizos Curls



Blk & Bold

Partake Foods



Coloured Raine

Reina Rebelde


Denise L. Shipley

Thank you for sharing and supporting your peers. I’ve been down with the LIP BAR for some years now. Glad to learn more about brands I hadn’t heard about before!

Shetara Jordan

Thank you so much for providing this information!! I stand behind and will continue to support black owned businesses!! Your products are amazing sis!


Don’t forget about tgin! Owned by Chris-Tia Donaldson

Tameka W.

I love this!!! Please keep the lists of Black & Brown owned companies coming. Thank you so much!

Wendy Taylor

Thanks for the wisdom. I hope to learn more and become worthy to be called ally.

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