A Letter from our CEO

Dear TLB Beauties,

At TLB, we pride ourselves on being a women-run company that values self-care. And y’all, we have been working incredibly hard.

2021 has been an incredible year. It also has had its challenges. We grinded every single day to grow. We expanded into Walmart and launched new beauty must-haves that are maximum impact, minimal effort like our Tinted Moisturizer. While these things are worthy of celebration (YAY), they also kicked our butts! And whew! We are tired.

So I’m delighted to share that for the first time, our TLB offices will be closed from December 23rd to January 3rd. Our team will be taking time off to unwind, rest and reset because we deserve it and guess what, you do too!

If you reach out to us, please remember we're recharging and expect a slightly delayed response. We look forward to taking care of ourselves so we can continue to take care of you and face 2022 like Bawses.

- Melissa Butler, Founder & CEO of TLB

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