5 Beauty Icons Who Shook Up The Industry



Here at The Lip Bar, we pride ourselves on being a women-run and operated company, always. And as a company, there are so many beauty icons who constantly inspire us, from our incredible founder Melissa Butler to some other incredible beauty mavens and hustlers. So in honor of Women's Month, here are our favorite beauty icons who shook up the industry. These five women are nothing short of game-changers, innovators and trailblazers in the beauty industry. 


Melissa Butler

Our fearless founder, Melissa Butler started The Lip Bar eight years ago in her kitchen with a dream to challenge the beauty standard and create representation in the industry. She created The Lip Bar so that people could look to themselves and no they are truly enough. Starting with just lipstick, we have since grown to offer over 90 products including our revolutionary Fast Face system that proves beauty doesn't have to be complicated. A full system that allows you to get the look in under 10 minutes so you have time to spend more time doing what matters. 

Charlotte Cho

As the founder of e-commerce K beauty skincare brand,  Soko Glam, Cho has been at the forefront of the K-beauty skincare phenomenon. From stocking the site with the latest and greatest launches from Korean skincare to offering expert advice through her book and company's blog. Cho is a beauty boss, and someone we truly admire for changing the skincare industry (and you know skin is kind of our thing, check out our skin serum foundation filled with skin-loving ingredients, hyaluronic acid and Irish Sea Moss Extract.)  


Madam CJ Walker 

One of our favorite beauty mavens. Her innovations still impact black beauty today her sacrifices and tenacity are what created space for brands like us to exist today.

Shontay Lundy

Who doesn't love Black Girl Sunscreen? Lundy is one of our favorite innovators and we love her for constantly reminding us to protect our skin. For years sunscreen companies didn't cater to people of color, until Lundy stepped in to give us a natural sunscreen that doesn't leave behind a white residue. She inspires us to always show up for a product we believe in. 

 Eunice Johnson

Long before there black-owned brands like us, there was Fashion Fair Cosmetics which changed beauty in the 70's. Eunice Johnson and her husband started Fashion Fair Cosmetics as a way to cater to women of color during a time where many brands excluded shades for people of color. Her influence is still prominent even today, and her determination to always show up for people of color constantly inspires us. 




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