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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the TLB Rewards program is simple (and free)! Sign up with your email through the rewards page. We recommend signing up when you make your first purchase, but you can join at any time - there is no minimum spend required to be a member. Upon joining, you'll receive 10 points! Each purchase you make afterwards will contribute towards your point total. Just be sure you log in with your TLB Rewards account to earn points, redeem points and enjoy the benefits of being a part of our community.

Earn points each time you spend on TLB! Points will be earned on each dollar you spend, excluding shipping fees and taxes (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Please allow 48 hours for your points to appear on your Account page. Points can be earned on products purchased on our website ( or at our Flagship Store in Detroit. Purchases made at Target, Walmart, Amazon, or Meijer will not accrue points. Higher tiers are able to earn points at a higher rate. Our Baddies enjoy earning 1.25 points per $1 spent, and our Bawses earn 1.5 points per $1 spent. There's also certain activities and actions you can do that can help you earn additional points, like following us on Instagram, leaving a review or posting a photo! Take a look at the "How To Earn" section for more details. Please note that points earned through actions don't apply towards your tier status. Tier status can only be earned through purchases.

You can use your points to redeem products or discounts! You can select products directly from the Rewards page in the "Redeem" section, or select discounts for $ off directly at checkout.. You must purchase at least one item in order to redeem points for a product or discount. Checkout Dropdown Instructions: Once logged in and ready to check out, on the right-hand side you'll see a drop-down menu underneath your cart total [above the "Gift card or discount code" field]. Select the Reward you would like to redeem, and click "Apply".  The page will refresh, and the product will be added to your cart. Discounts are not eligible on shipping fees or taxes. If you are not signed in with your TLB Rewards account, you will not see this dropdown option at Checkout.

Points expire after 12 months of inactivity. In this context, inactivity refers to customers who have not earned or redeemed any points within the selected time frame.

About a month after you purchase a product, you will receive an automated email asking for you to leave a review. Click through that email, log into your account, and leave a review!

Unfortunately, no. Only one discount code can be applied per order.

If you are in the Baddie or Bawse Tiers, your shipping offer will automatically apply at checkout once you are logged into your account!

For your birthday, you will receive an email with a coupon code on the 1st of your birthday month! It will let you know what the surprise gift is, so you can add it to your cart and apply the coupon code. For your tier entry gift, you will receive an email after you place the purchase the qualifies you for that tier! It will let you know what the surprise gift is, so you can add it to your cart and apply the coupon code.